Core services

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All community development begins with understanding and verifying the legitimate representatives of community farmers.

In order to properly assist sustainable development, we undertake soil analysis mapping, genetic material sampling and record historic crop or livestock performance. Before trying to implement solutions, we need to understand the challenges: technical, managerial, consultation and financial.

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Training is more than reciting pre-approved training material.

To train is to equip with knowledge, but our philosophy is that project sustainability will never be brought about if training is not appropriate for the situation and people at hand.

All our training is preceded by proper assessment ensuring that our training is appropriate to a particular set of circumstance including soil type, climatological influence, infrastructure constraints, education level and experience background.

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Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and …

The same adage applies to the expenditure of government grants, commercial or developmental loans.

We use various models and solutions to improve farming and factory efficiency. Those models include feasibility studies, computerized planning and strategies.

We have an appetite to convert time and money into PPP projects through strategic partnerships, mentorship, value chain developments and models. We focus beyond the short term in an attempt to integrate grant funding with money from other sources.

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Entrepreneurs (which farmers essentially are), tend to be big on ideas, enthusiasm and self-belief. Our job is to ensure that these qualities

Our job is to ensure that these qualities are enhanced by the implementation of systematic procurement activities, consistent management practices, marketing, and systematic cash flow planning with accompanying control.

We believe that systems set entrepreneurs free to do what they do best: identify new opportunities, new markets, new ways in which to create wealth.



The AgriDelight Group, trading as Delight Holdings, has an excellent relationship with the financial institutions.

We strive to offer our clients end-to-end solutions such as:

  • Creating business plans
  • Provide access to finance
  • Structuring deals
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Agridelight Training and Consulting also focuses on wealth creation through:

  • Financial management
  • Asset development
  • Investments
    We are registered with the NCR.
Grain silos and storage at Pools in the Swartland region South Africa


We have the capacity to build and maintain:

  • Silo’s
  • Market Infrastructure
  • Abattoirs


We ensure that our community beneficiaries are not taken advantage of by smooth talking money grubbers, corrupt leadership or neglect.

We teach and implement the most basic requirement of any successful development expenditure, that the money does not go missing in the first place and that it is expended only where it was intended.