We Are Agridelight



Using the latest research and technology to empower local farmers to maximise
production with limitless resources. Developing skills beyond the farm
throughout the food value chain.

Precision farming through the application of the latest chemical and biological aid to improve productivity and run a healthy and growing business through the best managing practices. Agridelight positioned itsef to become a leader in the market. We pride ourselves with vision 20-25 of being a listed company on various stock exchanges.



Creating food security for our nation that is of export quality and is environmentally/economically sustainable.

Investing in AGRI businesses such as biotech precision farming, milling plants,silo’s, fruit and vegetable produce, processing plants, meat processing, insurance, financial markets, feedlots and abattoirs for the creation of a value chain through which our farmers can participate for greater profit.



Engage communities regarding the positive impact that our projects have within their region.

Extensive research is performed to enable understanding around the limited natural resources, mechanisation and farming methodologies so that our training is tailor-made for specific communities rather than utilising a generic approach.